Student Organizations

Alternative Energy Club

Alternative Energy Society was established in 2007, in order to create consciousness about alternative energy at CBU Engineering Faculty. At our first year, our team manufactured our first car named BAYARARABA, and she raced at Formula G 2007 that was organized by TÜBİTAK. In this way, we have achieved first objective. In 2008, thanks to team soul and working, we obtained first rank in the category of Olympia with our second car, which name is CELLAL, at Formula G 2008. Therefore, we have been first winner at Olympia. Also, our team and new team members participated to Formula-G 2009-2010-2011-2012. Now, we keep on working in order to create awareness at renewable energy with students of mechanical engineering, electric-electronic engineering, material engineering and industrial engineering.

First time we participated to Shell Eco Marathon Europe 2012 as a sun power in prototype category. We got big experience and share culture with lots of teams from abroad. Now we want to be at Shell Eco Marathon 2013 with completely ready about logistic and technical.

Construction Club

Society was established in 2012 which was named as Celal Bayar University Construction Society. Main purpose of society organizes conferences, symposiums and technical trips about civil engineering, following developments in the field of civil engineering and informs to civil engineering students. Also community’s another purpose participates national and international competitions about civil engineering.

Society’ s main mission brings close together students of Celal Bayar University Civil Engineering to gain new knowledges, engineering skills and ability of using engineering skills.

Food Engineering Club

The Club was founded in 2003, for the activities of food engineering students. The Club continues social and vocational activities both inside and outside school. The Club has 533 members and 7 board of directors. Board of directors organize activities of the club.

University controls our events at the beginning of the autumn semester. Club organizes technical excursion and seminary frequently. Technical excursions are able to see their potential jobs and to obtain information about food engineering for the Food Engineering. Additionally, organize seminars about food engineering makes students more informed about the job and sector.


CBU IEEE was founded by Electrical and Electronics Engineering students at May of 2012.This student club is allowed for all student but especially Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Computer and Industrial Engineering students.

Target of this club is to develop members’ personal skills, like team working, timing management, planning, responsibility also give more social advantage; new friendships, social network and a lot of meeting with other university’s students.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Engineers Club

Socially responsible enterprising young engineers club was founded in 2010. One of the aims of this club is to develop community awareness of social responsibility, especially in the Faculty of Engineering of CBU.

One of our goals is to show the way to the entepreneurs of future, who will start their careers. The task is to lead the community of socially responsible enterprising young engineers as well as other issues.


Entrepreneur Youth Engineers (GİGEM) Club was established in 2003 by engineering students. The purpose of GİGEM is to make sure the engineering students about professional life after university education and improve themselves to be participating in professional and scientific activities. Entrepreneur youth engineers club is the first social club of engineering faculty and to address for all engineering students in the faculty of engineering.

For details of “GIGEM Club”, click here.

Optimum Club

Optimum Club was founded in 2011 by the students of the Industrial Engineering Department of Celal Bayar University (CBU) with consultancy of Assist. Prof. Dr. Pınar Mızrak Özfırat.

The club plays a critical role in the educational life and self development of the students by organizing activities in CBU and by participating in the activities organized by the other universities.

Theatre Club

Theatre Club was established in 2009 with consultancy of Asist. Prof. Dr. B. Burak ÖZHAN from Mechanical Engineering Department.

The primary aim of the Theatre Club is to promote knowledge of theatre practices through various activities,events,and performances by students.

Some of the purposes of the Theatre Club are,

  • Improving the students' artistic knowledge and talent,
  • Organizing, implementing and attending the university festivals,
  • Planning workshops on various topics,including acting,script writing,sound effects and lighting,and stage-costume design,
  • Producing student performances for the Celal Bayar University and the surrounding area,
  • Attending and discussing theater performances,
  • Regular meetings to discuss and plan upcoming events and to engage in theatrical-related activities,including exercises in improvisation,relaxation,mevoment,and voice.

Other Student Clubs

  • Robot Technologies Club 
  • Kemalist Thought Club
  • Travel and Nature Walks Club
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