The present laboratories in Food Engineering Department are split up research laboratories and undergraduate study laboratories. Whereas some of of the labs are being used for both purposes,in some of the research labs the project workouts of undergraduate and postgraduate students are being done.

Laboratory committee is established on the purpose of properly performing laboratory order. Within the framework of the rules determined by the committee, each laboratory has it’s head research assistant .

Laboratory order, contrivance and cleanliness are being supervised by research assistant. Also an undergraduate and a graduate student who are charged by chancery help research assistant in question.

All students have to obey “General Laboratory Rules” during both application courses and thesis studies.

Operating Laboratories in Food Engineering Department

General Research Laboratory

Microbiology Research Laboratory

Microbiology Application Laboratory

General Application Laboratory

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Pilot Plant for Producing Vine and Meat Products

Our research laboratories are performing industrial service on behalf of working capital.


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