cıvıl engıneerıng department

Celal Bayar University Civil Engineering Department was established in 1993. The scope of the Department of Civil Engineering program comprises eight semesters that are taught during a four-year period. During the study period students must succeed in all courses that are described in the department’s program and complete two summer internship employments. %30 of these courses is offered in English. There are additional practical laboratory sessions and field visits arranged for supporting the theoretical training. Department has 6 divisions as structural mechanics, mechanics, construction materials, transportation, geotechnics and hydraulics. Department offers double major program with Industrial Engineering Department, which provides a chance of having an additional diploma of a different field.

Our program aims at producing professionals who can manage complex projects in the business world, create safe and economical designs to serve their country in an increasingly competitive world.


               Celal Bayar University
               Faculty of Engineering
               Civil Engineering Department B Block
               Muradiye Campus-Manisa TURKEY
               Head of Department:     +90 236 201 23 00
               Department Secretary:   +90 236 201 23 01
               Student Affairs Office:    +90 236 201 20 10
               Faculty of Engineering: +90 236 241 21 43

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