The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers the following programs: 


The 4-year undergraduate program in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringhas started education of BSc degree in 2010-2011 academic year. Two BSc programs are carried out at the same time which are day education and evening education. The education language is 70% in Turkish and 30% in English.

The area of study encompasses electrical machines, electromagnetic field, electrical power engineering, circuits and systems, electronics, communications, robotics. All students attend the same courses during the first and second year, and then choose their own specialisation.

Two specialisations are currently offered:

Electrical Engineering 

Electronics Engineering


Graduates of the bachelor's degree program are qualified to work in various institutions:

research and scientific instutions, universities, the private sector, public sector, municipalities, factories, power plants and electric networks.


mıssıon and vısıon


Raise generations of engineers who are self-renewing continuously, targeting the life-long learning, capable of analysis and synthesis, creative, entrepreneurial, inquisitive, assimilated the ethical values, likely to teamwork, met the needs of the society, and gained knowledge and experiences in the international level


Become nationally and internationally leading institution of higher learning, science, research, and education.

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