Food engineering is an engineering branch in which physical, chemical and biological sciences find applications in food processing, storage, transportation, marketing and development of new foods. Among essential duties of food engineers, production of nutritious and healthy food; development of new processing techniques regarding to biochemical, technological and economic assessments in food processing; profusion of sources; providing to preserve the food in terms of quality and quantity; utilization of raw material sophisticatedly and thus increasing of food diversity are involved. On the other hand, following of food science and fast-growing food processing techniques and arrangement of this knowledge by interpreting properly in accordance with country’s requirements are food engineers’ duties.

Since the foundation of Celal Bayar University in 1992, it maintains education and research activities in two fields: Food Science and Food Technology. In bachelor programme besides basic science courses, intensive basic engineering courses and technology courses are present. In the department, education and research activities are carried out in 4 classes, 5 practice laboratories having sufficient equipment by 23 academic staff. The prospective students are accepted according to quantitative score and every year approximately 100 new students enroll to department. Currently there are 400 bachelor-degree students. In the department, various activities within the scope of clubs and groups working throughout university are performed.

Within the Institute of Science Food Engineering Department Programme, master and doctorate education training is conducted. Graduates participate in all fields of food industry and various public institutions, planning of production and design of processes, production, processing, preservation, quality control and marketing of food products.


To train students obtaining basic engineering knowledge, solving problems personally, achieving to sources of information, participating in R&D operations in food production and are rigged with necessary expertise and skills about process control and food safety; to do scientific and practical oriented researches that consider country’s and region’s requirements and serve these for the benefit of society.


To become as an education and research establishment that is primarily preferred by students among departments of food engineering of universities present in Aegean region; educates its own students to cover demand of industry; provides organization and improvement of university-industry cooperation with projects directed to solution of food industry’s problems; contributes to global science by carrying out national and international researches.


  • Providing added value to industry by using knowledge of basic sciences, basic engineering and professional skills that require for food engineering
  • Bringing novel technological uses to industry by using knowledge and skills about food sciences/technologies and their applications
  • Contributing to industry by using ability of analysis and interpretation of process design with the achievement of appropriate information resources
Improving of employee’s contribution to process within organization by using awareness of life-long learning and occupational ethics, ability of teamwork and oral/written communication


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