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why-cbu Celal Bayar University Student Clubs Union is constituted under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. All kinds of science, sport, culture and art activities are arranged in order to maintain and improve our students' physical and mental health and to make them use their leisure time at the university's facilities and areas in the most proper way. Each suggestion and demand of administrative board of Clubs are taken into consideration and evaluated by the chairmanship of Health, Culture and Sports Department and all kinds of support is given to these clubs. In our university, under the Union of Student Clubs, there are 86 active cultural, art, sports, educational and professional clubs.

Culture and Sports Club

why-cbu Celal Bayar University Culture and Sports Union was founded in 1993. All activities are run with the cooperation of Celal Bayar University. The Club supports all scientific, social and cultural activities of the university in every way. Folk-dance groups, sport teams and polyphonic children's choir are founded and various activities are conducted for the members of the Club, for the locals of Manisa and for our students so that they can do various sport activities, involve in cultural activities and make use of their leisure time in the most productive way. In addition; basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, shooting, bicycle riding, archery, mountain climbing, scouting, judo, taek won do, boxing, karate, tennis, table tennis, badminton, weight lifting, wrestling, track and field, swimming, billiards, fencing, chess and bridge branches are registered to General Directorate of Youth and Sport. In some of these branches, categories of "tiddlings, "stars and "young ones are formed and in the competitions they rank in the first number three. Commercial enterprises are opened to reinforce and improve the Club. These enterprises are run under the Club to give more qualified services. The Club's goal is to improve these commercial enterprises so that they can give good services to the students.

Sports Services

why-cbu Sports services are collaboratively organized by the department of Health, Culture and Sports and the School of Physical Education and Sports in order to provide the students with an appropriate atmosphere and opportunities. Every year, in March, April, and May, we organize football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and chess tournaments with the participation of the students from all faculties, schools, and vocational schools. Accommodation, food and transportation needs of the students participating in the tournaments are supplied by the department of Health, Culture and Sports. In addition, our students regularly participate in the volleyball, basketball, handball, football, athletics, cross, gymnastics, wrestling, judo, teak wan do, karate, tennis, table tennis, fencing, and swimming organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation and they come back with successful results. Accommodation, food and transportation needs of the students participating in the inter-university competitions are supplied by the department of Health, Culture and Sports. Our university has indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We have an Olympic swimming pool, a fitness center, football pitches suitable for athletics, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.

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