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Turkish Government Scholarships for International Students

If there is no special note in bilateral agreements; Turkish Government offers scholarships for international students for Undergraduate and Graduate (Master/PhD) studies, as well as for Research and Turkish Language Summer Courses under the following conditions: 

1. Scholarship notifications are announced through diplomatic channels. Candidates should apply to the authorized bodies of their own countries or to the Turkish Embassies/Consulates in their respective countries.

2. Candidate is selected by the related country or Republic of Turkey by the foreign representatives. Commission also selects one reserve candidate for a quota of five, two reserve candidates for a quota of six or more.

3. Documents of candidates for undergraduate, graduate and research scholarships should be submitted to the Turkish Ministry of National Education through diplomatic channels before 30th June and the documents of candidates for Turkish Language Summer Course scholarships before 30th April same way. Applications with missing documents or applications received later than the above mentioned dates will not be taken into account.

Scholarship Benefits

School fees, dorm fees and medical treatment expenditures (excluding long term illnesses, serious surgical operations, prosthesis, jaw orthopaedics, orthodontics and teeth prosthesis) are paid by the Turkish Government.

Monthly payment for graduate studies, research or Turkish Language Summer Course is TL 220, and TL 195 for undergraduate studies. Travel expenses and cost of meals are to be covered by the student.

Scholarship Eligibility

• Applicants should not be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or hold a dual nationality (Turkish and any other country nationality). 

• Undergraduate candidates should have a good level of a high school graduation degree. The high school which was graduated from should be equivalent to the high schools in Turkey. Candidates should not have suspended education more than 2 years after graduation and not be older than 25 years on the date of application. 

• Candidates for graduate studies (Master/PhD) should be a graduate of a 4-year university and not be older than 40 years on the date of application. 

• Research candidates should be a graduate of a 4-year university and have a good level of Turkish, English or French. 

• Candidates for the Turkish Language Summer Courses should be a university student or a graduate student. 

• Candidates should not be infected with a contagious disease (HIV, Hepatitis-C and etc) or should not have a disease preventing his/her education in Turkey. 

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