Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

The following link is a comprehensive course listing of all the approved courses that the Celal Bayar University may offer. The appearance of a course in this list does not guarantee that the course will actually be offered. The most current information on courses can be obtained from the related department.

Each course is designated by an abbreviation and a number. Students should use this abbreviation and number when completing any form requiring this information. In general, courses with odd numbered codes are offered in Fall semester and those with even numbered codes are offered in Spring semester. However, there are exceptions, especially for elective courses. Summer courses may be offered if demand arises. For the Faculty of Engineering, the meanings of these abbreviations are:

Course taught in Turkish Course taught in English
MHN : Common Engineering Course ENG : Common Engineering Course
- CSE : Computer Engineering
MAK : Mechanical Engineering MEE : Mechanical Engineering
INS : Civil Engineering CIV : Civil Engineering
GMD : Food Engineering FED : Food Engineering
END : Industrial Engineering IND : Industrial Engineering
EEM : Electrical & Electronics Engineering -
MLZ : Materials Engineering -
BIL : Computer Science -
MAT : Mathematics MTH : Mathematics
FIZ : Physics PHY : Physics
KIM : Chemistry CHE : Chemistry
YDI : Foreign Language-English (Elementary level English) FLA : Foreign Language-English (Intermediate level English)
SSD : Non-technical Elective SEC : Non-technical Elective
TUR : Turkish Language -
AIT : Turkish History HIS : Turkish History

For specific Faculty regulations relating to courses and for a complete list of subjects taught by a Faculty, please consult the chair of Education Commission of each department.

The University has a commitment to the education of all academically qualified students and special services are frequently provided on campus to assist disabled students

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