History of CBU Engineering

The School of Engineering at CBU was founded in 1992 and recorded its first graduates in the Spring of 1997. The first departments in the Faculty were Civil, Food and Mechanical Engineering programs. Over the years, our Faculty gained five more departments and today it is is comprised of the following ones:

  • Computer Engineering

  • Bioengineering

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Food Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Moreover, the following research centers are within our organization:

The Center for Applied Mathematics and Computation

Technology Research and Application Center for Industrial Cooperation

Technology Development Center

Among the departments, the language of education in Computer Engineering and Bioengineering departments is %100 English, in Food Engineering %100 Turkish and the rest are %30 English. The new students of the Faculty, except for the Department of Food Engineering, must take the proficiency test that is applied by the School of Foreign Languages and get at least a grade of 60 over 100 in order to qualify for the departments. The students who are unable to qualify are enlisted in preparatory classes of the School of Foreign Languages and take the proficiency test again at the end of the year.

Our campus in Muradiye, Manisa, situated in a comfortable and quiet setting outside of the city, offers a comfortable atmosphere so that our students can have a productive and innovative work. Our campus will provide housing opportunities for male and female students with new and high quality dormitories. Students in dormitories which are built to the highest standards, have a chance to stay in rooms with private bathroom and toilet. Also, private services that provide convenient and easy access to our campus from all districts of Izmir and Manisa center. In Muradiye campus, an à la carte restaurant which offers different menus every day, a food court with meals at affordable prices and several canteens that serve fast food products are available for dining purposes. Moreover, the shopping center has been put into operation with a number of cafes and restaurants, a grocery store that sells a variety of items that students will need. Social facilities building in the campus serves with a bank and post office branches. Furthermore, basketball, volleyball and soccer fields, tennis courts, a library, a variety of social and sports facilities such as student club rooms are also available to our students benefit.

Celal Bayar University has one of the leading Engineering faculties in the Aegean Region. One of the continuous growing cities of our country, Manisa, hosts most engineering and technology-based companies that operate on a national scale. To develop the cooperation between universities and industry and in order to transfer the scientific knowledge of the universities to the industry, in February 2010, Manisa Organized Industrial Region "MOSB CBÜ Liaison Office" was established. There are in total 183 businesses located on 960 hectares of the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone; already exceeded the threshold of industrialization, has established ties with Europe and the world economy, industry-oriented, to create sustainable economic development strategies and policies. There are relationships from various firms with our faculty and joint research and demonstration projects are carried out. Through these relationships, students can join development projects, summer internships and thus having the opportunity to establish business contacts even before the graduation. In addition to the operating CBU Technology Center (Tek-Mer) and CBU Technopark which will become operational, are the most important indicators of our efforts to increase cooperation of the university with industry.

In the 21st century, we are working relentlessly to provide a more efficient use of the limited earth resources and attempt to reduce the heavy burden on the environment, thus developing new technologies for this purpose. Starting from this point of view, the basic philosophy of our school is to train creative engineers and researchers that have a systematic and comprehensive knowledge in the engineering field. Our goal is to have graduates that have the mission and ethics as "contributing to the welfare of mankind by engineering", have the ability to identify and solve the problems that they encounter with the systematic and comprehensive information that they acquire and with leadership confidence. For this purpose, a dynamic structure in every program is allowed to keep track of new developments in its integration and engineering disciplines. We aim to have engineers that produce technology and provide the information produced to the community of mankind. To this end, students are constantly learning, pursuing, and acquiring an educational system focused on research and development.

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